About Perry Beaty



Perry Beaty grew up in the towing business in Charlotte, NC. He took over the company reins, Beaty Towing & Recovery, after a 2-year stint in the Army, (drafted in the early 70’s). Perry took the towing service to new heights and became involved with TRPNC in 1980. He later served as it’s President, 1992-1995, introducing a scholarship program through Wreckmaster for it’s members. Beaty was also awarded “Towman of The Year” in January of 1992 from TRPNC and named one of the “Top Ten Wreckmasters” of 1997. Perry attained several levels of Wreckmaster certification and received HAZWOPER certification in the early ’90’s after realizing a need for quicker and more efficient cleanup response to highway incidents in the Carolinas for Emergency Management, Law Enforcement, Fire and his towing customers.

Perry created and founded Piedmont Environmental Response Team, “PERT“, later selling both companies in 1998.

Beaty formed Logos, Inc. in 2004 for the purpose of developing and creating a lightweight, low air pressure drain pipe plug with flow through capabilities for HAZMAT operations. He applied for and received a patent for an invention described as “Inflatable Flow Control Apparatus” and associated method. The name “FLOWSTOP“ is trademarked.